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Senior AI & Data Engineer


Job Type

Full time - remotely

About the Role

As a software engineer (machine learning), you are responsible for designing and developing product features and customer solutions, along with the underlying infrastructure, that are based on AI/ML approaches. You may interact closely with solution engineers, customer value architects, and execution management consultants within the Go-to-Market organization and product managers and software engineers within the product and engineering organization to build scalable and high-quality AI/ML features and solutions for our customers. 

You may also be responsible for designing and implementing new foundational technical components that will power the next generation of EMS and elevate the impact Qlorem has on our customers. These components may span the areas of computer vision, natural language processing, data mining, recommendation, knowledge base, business intelligence, and other AI technologies. 


Qlorem is the world´s first Agile Planning and Execution platform powered by Artificial Intelligence connecting Digital Transformation initiatives with Business, Enterprise, and Technology Capabilities into a Dynamic Digital Twin of an Organization. Qlorem is securing transforming Companies the right pace and control supported by trustful intelligence to unlock the success of Strategic, Transformation and Sustainability initiatives and Improvements.  


We believe in the power of our product and are passionate about transforming companies Qlorem can bring our customers to the next level of digitalization. We are committed to building something extraordinary and build momentum as we develop our customer base with the world´s leading companies. In our fast-paced and open environment, you will be working with a collaborative team spanning across the globe and delivering exceptional results.   


Would you like to be part of a team that is redefining the Way of Transformation? We would love to have you on board.   


What makes Qlorem a great place to work?  

To make our dent in the universe, we seek employees with unique identities, backgrounds, and perspectives that want to build an inclusive, respectful company culture and truly challenge the status quo. We are very deliberate about building a culture focused on selfless-excellence, continuous learning, and improvement achieved through diversity (balance-for-the-better) and inclusion.  



Anywhere in North America (we work remotely)  


What you´ll do:  

  • Deeply understand the business needs of Qlorem customers, formulate the business needs into concrete technical problems, often AI related 

  • Determine which AI/ML approach, if any, is suited for the problem Design and develop scalable and high-quality AI/ML models or otherwise intelligent approaches 

  • Design and implement scalable and robust data collection mechanisms 

  • Design and implement principled evaluation mechanisms 

  • Design and build robust and low latency infrastructure to serve the AI/ML models and meet the demands of Qlorem´s customers 

  • Design and develop intelligent techniques to understand, represent, and integrate enterprise operational data (e.g., processes) 

  • Design and build APIs and infrastructure to serve such data at scale and with low latency 

  • Design and implement intelligent ways to ensure freshness and accuracy of such data across thousands of enterprise customers.   

What you bring:  

  • Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, or equivalent practical experience ((in Computer Science or related fields) with 3-5+ years of experience 

  • PhD degree (in Computer Science or related fields) with 1-3+ years of experience 

  • At least 5 years of experience in commercial Data Science projects in building models for data processing and analysis in various business areas (finance, HR, manufacturing or other).

  • Experience using programming tools – Python (possibly IPython, Jupiter Notebooks) or R (possibly R Shiny).

  • Experience mathematical and statistical models and algorithms used in Data Science, e.g., deep learning, neural networks, linear/logistic regression, decision trees, random forest; 

  • Strong communication and collaboration skills 

  • Identify with the Qlorem value of customer first, passionate about solving real world customer problems with a focus on finding the right solution regardless of the nature of the solution 

  • Passionate about developing scalable and efficient AI/ML solutions 

  • Passionate about building high quality AI/ML solutions with clear and repeatable evaluation mechanisms 

  • Able to travel as needed   

What Qlorem can offer you:  

  • The unique opportunity to work within a new category of technology and services 

  • Investment in your personal growth and skill development (clear career paths, internal mobility opportunities, mentorships, yearly development stipend)  

  • Great compensation and benefits packages (stock options, 401(K) matching, generous time off, parental leave, and more)  

  • Work from home support (mindfulness tools such as Headspace, monthly remote working stipend, flexible working hours, virtual events, and workshops)  

  • A global and growing team of Qloremnauts from diverse backgrounds to learn from and work with  

  • An open-minded culture with innovative, autonomous teams  

  • Employee resource communities to help you feel connected, valued and seen   

  • A clear set of company values that guide everything, we do: Live for Customer Value, The Best Team Wins, We Own It, and Earth Is Our Future    

Qlorem for All. People are what make Qlorem awesome! Regardless of age, education, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or any personal characteristics, we want everyone to feel welcome.     

Building a diverse and inclusive team isn't just the right thing to do for our people, it's the right thing to do for our business. We know we can’t solve complex data problems with a single perspective. It takes many voices, experiences, and areas of expertise to deliver the innovative solutions our customer’s needs. At Qlorem, we continually celebrate the diverse communities that individuals cultivate to empower every Spotter to bring their whole authentic self to work.  

We’re committed to being real and continuously learning when it comes to equality, equity, and creating space for underrepresented groups to thrive.  

About the Company

Qlorem's Project Intelligence Platform provides Companies an instant, insightful, collaborative way of scoping, planning and executing projects, taking pro-active actions and averting problems before they even occur.

The Project Intelligence Platform connects project management processes to the actual change, by using a Dynamic Digital Twin of an Organisation, Integrations, 60+ Key Performance Indicators, Integrations, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Qlorem was established in 2019 in Norway with a global footprint in United States and India. Our mission is to help Companies to manage project more intelligently.

The Qlorem founders have several decades of experience in managing projects; Digital Transformation, Software product development, Business and IT outsourcing, SaaS establishment and entrepreneurship.

We have built up a broad understanding of managing complex projects, and how to change business and IT capabilities over the years, which are used in development of Qlorem's Project Intelligence Platform.

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