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Drive your Digital Transformation by trustful Intelligence

Through the global pandemic and geopolitical changes, the digital transformation is disclosing the weaknesses and robustness of our business models, value chains and IT ecosystems. Societies and Companies must react faster than ever on changes and digital transform their business in a controlled way. Qlorem provides a Digital Transformation Execution and Risk Management solution that mitigate risks and helps reacting on suddenly upcoming changes and unlocking sustainable success of your Digital Transformation.

Digital Transformation is one of the major trends in every industry all over the world. The underlying factors behind Digital transformations have not changed during the last years - the global pandemic and geopolitical changes have strongly impacted the way we live, work, and produce our product and services. These changes have disclosed many weaknesses and robustness of our processes in many industries. There is no going back, and the global digital shift and the disruptions shows no sign of slowing down and will most likely further intensify.

McKinsey analyzed that only 8% of companies believe their business model will remain economically viable through digitalization and most companies have defined their digital transformation vision and have implemented the first initiatives. Only 16 % of the Digital Transformation initiatives have successfully improved performance and equipped them with long term sustainable advantage. 75% of initiatives are failing in getting the right information to the right person in charge of implementing a particular phase of a project. (McKinsey) One of the main reasons is that they have not established a strong enterprise data-driven continuous improvement process with the focus on digital transformation vision and objectives.

Accenture estimates that over 48% of managers and employees tend to follow their gut instinct rather than relying on data-driven insights, but in parallel 87% believe in the value of data. Executives needs to take responsibility to be a front-runner to create strong enterprise data driven understanding and help employees to create value out of the data securing the needed benefit realization.

Qlorem is providing Digital Transformation Planning and Execution use cases support for transforming companies by connecting the missing links between Strategic Planning and Project Execution, Benefit Realization, Business Processes, IT ecosystem, and Risk Management. CXO, Business and IT key stakeholders are supported by multi-source enterprise-data driven continuous intelligence across their digital transformation changes to eliminating inefficiencies and mitigate the risk.

Figure 1 – Qlorem’s approach to support Digital Transformation Execution

Qlorem provides a unique solution which support the following main use cases:

1. Digital Transformation Vision and Objectives

Companies should develop a strong Digital Transformation vision which lays the foundation for the transformational initiatives. The breakthrough objectives should be defined inclusive critical metrics that helps to measure the success how the vision will be reached. Qlorem provides companies with pre-defined aggregated metrics and benchmarks based on available enterprise data supported by predictive AI driven continuous intelligence so both Business and IT management can steer during the whole digital transformation journey.

2. Portfolio Management

Existing Project-Portfolio Management are normally quite detached from the actual digitalization work going on. The tools in use are stand-alone, data are manually kept up-to-date and does not provide Management with real valuable information that are required to manage parallel multiple changes. Qlorem disrupts current stone-age practices in use, by providing a multi-dimensional Digital Transformation portfolio Framework and service, see Figure 2. Qlorem enables management and key stakeholders to manage the dependencies and risk of multiple initiatives across the organization: Strategic and customer driven initiatives, but also Maintenance and Compliance tasks. Supported by an AI driven Dynamic Digital Twin of an Organization (DDTO) of companies’ value chains, customers, suppliers, and multi-layer technology approach. Continuous Intelligence and benchmarks help to break down the objectives to relevant initiatives with the focus on to make to risk transparent and help to remove it before it will be an issue and slow down the transformation pace.

Figure 2 – Qlorem Digital Transformation Framework

3. Dynamic Digital Twin of and Organization & End-to-end Coordination

Digital Transformation initiatives needs to be customer centric driven, with a lean and agile transformation process which creates value in cost-effective way continuously. It is important to define the Requirement Changes not in isolation but in the context of the parallel initiatives and the dynamic transforming Value Chain map (incl. supporting Supplier) and IT ecosystem. Qlorem provides adaptive multi-dimension Dependency Kanban boards so Management can both see and manage the transformation complexity and risk before and during the whole change process.

Figure 3 – Qlorem’s multi-dimensional Dependency Kanban Boards

Qlorem provides a unique live-solutioning capability which enables organizations to have a real-time updated as-is perspective of the implementation with all impacted Value Chains and IT Assets. The benefit is to avoid spending up to 30% of the transformation budget for analyzing and documentation of the existing situation and to be situation. Companies will free up resources to focus on value adding activities in the transformation.

Qlorem’s AI powered Shift-left-testing capabilities enable Subject Matter Experts and Architects to test their defined transformation initiative hypothesis through a PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Adjust) Cycle. The unique hypothesis analysis across initiatives, organizational, process and multi-level IT dependencies helps to identify early risks and weak spots, resource- and technical bottlenecks and improve quality before the actual development takes place. The benefit is a reduction in cost of up to 20 % by reducing cost of finding late defects and costly defect fixing.

4. Connecting Management with the actual Implementation of new capabilities

A key success criterion of the Digital Transformation is a successful development and implementation of new capabilities delivered within time, budget, and quality. Alignment across multiple internal and external partners before and during the implementation process is an important success factor.

The integrated feedback-loops and collaboration features to align priorities of changes and secure ownership and increase motivation in the organization.

Parallel, Qlorem closes the missing link between the portfolio management initiatives and the internal and external development teams through requirement changes created in Capability Manager are broken down in multiple Epics and communicated to Application Lifecycle, Source Code Management and Test Management systems that the actual development teams can start the actual development. The information from the systems is supporting Continuous Intelligence that stakeholder can take the right decision to the right time supported by Predictive Analysis and Adaptive Risk Management to secure value and quality creation from portfolio to epic level.

5. Benefit Realization

Digital Transformation should not stop with the implementation of the different initiatives and is a continuous improvement journey to build a sustainable fundament for a robust and future relevant company. Qlorem provides source system connectors to support the measurement of the Benefit Realization with AI-powered Continuous Intelligence, Self-diagnosis, and benchmarking around the transforming Organization, Value Chain, and IT.

Time has come to unlock Success in your Digital Transformation journey with an enterprise-data driven AI-powered Digital Transformation Execution and Risk Management solution. What are you waiting for?

Qlorem has created a Digital Transformation readiness assessment and a 100-day implementation plan with global partners which your organizations can use to kick start unlocking success in your Digital Transformation Initiative wherever you are. Let’s help you become successful.

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About Qlorem

Qlorem was established in 2021 in Norway with a global footprint in United States and India. Our mission is to help organizations secure quality and value from digital transformation execution. The Qlorem founders have several decades of experience in supporting digital transformation initiatives from a single value chain up to a whole renewal core processes landscape including the related IT ecosystem. We have built up a broad understanding of both business and IT capabilities over the years, which are used in development of Qlorem.

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