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A Project Intelligence Platform

A Project Intelligence Platform

Qlorem's Project Intelligence Platform provides Companies an instant, insightful, collaborative way of scoping, planning and executing projects, taking proactive actions and averting problems before they even occur.


The Project Intelligence Platform connects project management processes to the actual change, by using a Dynamic Digital Twin of an Organisation, Integrations, 60+ Key Performance Indicators, Integrations, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

A Collaborative, Digital Twin driven project creation process

A Collaborative, Digital Twin driven project creation process, Qlorem's Project Intelligence Platform

Create a Program or Project

Define a program or a project charter and get it approved by the Owner.

Create an Epic / work package

Create the epic with capabilities to be changed and assign owner and assignee for the work.

Kanban Collaboration and work management

The hearth of the platform is the collaborative allocation work packages, epics and approvals through a structured process and Kanban boards across business and IT-people and different roles.

Create a Change 

Define the scope change, requirements and timeline and attach Capabilities; processes and applications, integrations etc. and allocate team members to it.

Model business processes

Create or integrate business processes in the process modeller and attach applications, integrations, other processes, dependencies and team members.

Create the budget, team, risks and benefits

Align budget, team, risks and mitigation actions, benefits and measuring points across programs, projects, changes and epics in a holistic way.

Create a Digital Twin

After the change is submitted, the selected Collaborators are receiving a task to create a Dynamic Digital Twin for the related capabilities. 

Solution Specification Generator

Based on the creation of changes, digital twin and epics, the platform will generate a version controlled solution specification which can be approved.

Dynamic Document management

All documents created; project charter, changes, solution specifications etc. are version controlled and auditable, and can be continuously updated, and documents can be attached.

Qlorem's Project creation process lays a solid fundament in place for a successful execution.

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Manage project execution intelligently
Manage project execution intelligently

Critical path management

Manage progress against milestones of critical activities and dependencies instantly and simulate alternatives through ML, AI and the Digital Twin.

Shift left Quality management

Manage behaviour driven requirements and verify test scenarios related to the solution as early as possible in the Digital twin.

Cost management

Manage cost vs budget and run multiple scenarios related to Estimate to Complete and potential overrun trhough ML and AI algoritms.

Adaptive procurement management

Manage procurement of services, products, infrastructure etc by analyzing cost structures based on patterns.

Dynamic Change management

Manage changes related to scope, solution requirements and designn and all business capabilities instantly based on the digital twin capabilities.

Acceptance Management 

Manage the acceptance in an agile way based on verification of actual deliverables and quality instantly.

Adaptive Risk management

Manage risks with proactive mitigation actions and run alternative risk scenarios based on ML and AI algoritms.

Transparent stakeholder management

Inform Management at all levels with consistent and transparent status and critical information through instant dash-boards.

Adaptive Resource management

Manage resources internally and across partners by analyzing actual vs allocated time and simulate scenarios through ML and AI algoritms.

Benefits Realization Management 

Manage the realization of benefits using the digital twin to verify that cost savings or new capabilities &  competencies etc are in place.

Adaptive Issue management

Identify potential Issues before they even occur based on predictive analysis.

Kanban Collaboration and work management

The hearth of the platform is the collaborative allocation work packages, epics and communication through Kanban boards across business and IT-resources and partners.

Qlorem's project intelligence platform will continuously be improved by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

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Key Performance Indicators and integrations provides instant insight 

Qlorem Project Intelligence Platform uses 60+ KPI's where applicable together with integrations to Companies Eco-system, to collect relevant data for pattern recognition and predictive analysis (ML & AI).


The value of the Project Intelligence platform increases when Companies integrate it into their Eco-system, but great value can be achieved early by starting small in an agile way with just one project, a few KPI's and integrations.   


The number of KPI's, sensors and integrations is tailored to each Companies needs and will continuously be improved.

ML and AI

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