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Qlorem unlocks success in Digital Transformation Initiatives

In a McKinsey Global Survey “Unlocking success in Digital Transformations” from 2018, they present the following key findings:

  • only 16 percent of the digital transformation initiatives have successful improved performance and equipped them sustain changes in the long term.

  • Additional 7 percent say that performance improved but that those improvements were not sustained.

  • 75% is failing in getting the right information to the right person in charge of implementing a particular phase of a project,

  • and 75% is lacking robust enterprise information governance policies.

Companies which made the use of digital tools a new organizational norm are more likely to report digital transformation success; they use digital tools to facilitate analysis of complex information and make information accessible.

In most Companies solution description & process documentation are either missing, not up-to-date, available in different formats and tools and detached from the actual software development & testing work. In addition, most Companies and System Integrations are NOT able to manage the huge number of e2e solutioning dependencies & changes in scope cross all parties involved.

The result: Massive manual solutioning work, difficult to onboard new resources, increased amount of defects and rework, with increased cost and delayed timeline.

That’s why we have invented Qlorem: a unique tool which unlocks the success of digital transformation initiatives. Qlorem provides a concrete & measurable benefits to Companies with Digital Transformation Initiatives:

  • Qlorem can increase the probability of benefits realization with 100%, ref McKinsey report of only 16 % successful digital transformation initiatives, based on Qlorem’s performance analytics driven digital transformation portfolio management by connecting directly to the software life-cycle management process cross Company’s organizational units and partners.

  • Qlorem can reduce the cost for solution specification work with 30% throughout a digital transformation program, based on Qlorem’s live solution management through process and technology dependencies orchestration, increasing delivery quality & predictability and reduces cost.

  • Qlorem can reduce the test & defect cost with 20% trough Shift-left testing of the requirements changes before actual development work starts, based on Qlorem’s providing both Business & IT personnel a common & real-time repository with analytical insights from initial RFP process throughout design, development, test, and changes in production.

Qlorem is a Cloud based Digital Transformation Portfolio Management SaaS built on Qlorem’s DX Framework with four key dimensions: Value Chains, Technology, People and Partners supported by Process Dependency Mining, Dynamic Digital Twin of an Organization & Artificial Intelligence Capabilities.

Qlorem’s Digital Transformation framework ​ is focusing on a holistic approach of the Digital transformation dimensions:

  • Integrate digital technology into all areas of your business,

  • Fundamentally changing how you operate your value chains

  • Deliver value with customer focus under changing business and market requirements

  • Continuously challenge organizations through cultural change

Qlorem is agnostic regarding what methodology companies are using, however it fully supports The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) which has become both popular and widespread during the last decades. Operational Levels is a commonly used model for thinking about the organization’s communication and alignment. Its goal is to get the right team to develop the right product at the right time, promoting improvements at different levels of the organization, and generating real optimization in value streams.

Figure 1 – Qlorem’s Digital Transformation Framework

Qlorem Digital Transformation Framework support four Digital Transformation organizational levels, see figure 1:

1. Digital Transformation Portfolio Management:

Focuses on the alignment & dependency mapping between prioritizing different digital transformation initiatives, by connecting directly to the software life-cycle mgmt. process cross company organization units and partners. Qlorem provides Management with real-time Dashboards covering Value Creation, Quality and Behavior insights to take the right decision to the right time.

2. Dynamic Digital Twin of an Organization:

Focuses on live solution management through process modelling of dependencies connecting value chains, technology, people and partners. In Qlorem its possible to model dynamic changes to a solution and architecture documentation and validate the impact on different initiatives before development work is started.

3. End 2 End Coordination

Focuses on collaboration, communication, and coordination between different steps of the value chain, end to end whether it’s a program with many projects or just a complex project. In Qlorem you perform a breakdown of Requirement Changes to Development Epics and Test Scenarios and coordinate them with all internal Development Teams and partners.

4. Operations

In Qlorem all development epics and test scenarios which are transferred to Application Lifecycle Management tools, such as Jira, Octane etc. Then progress, and quality status of all epics are transferred to Qlorem Data Lake where the Continuous Intelligence tool presents behavior pattern analysis on dashboards.

One of the key success factors to unlock success of digital transformation Initiatives is to secure the right way of the solutioning. Based on several decades of digital transformation experience, Qlorem has developed a unique live-solutioning approach using Dynamic Digital Twin of an Organization (DDTO) which provides management the possibility to see and manage how the digitalization of business, value chains and assets are transforming day by day.

  • Accelerate, control and experiment proactively requirements scope changes to throughout your digital transformation instead of to late responsive reacting on market changes​.

  • Focus on continuous insights with the relation between Projects, Business, and IT to manage digital transformation changes and identify and correct failures early​.

  • Encourage a collaborative decision making through involving the right Project, Business, and IT experts to the right time.​

  • Focus on the transformation value, success rate and reduce costs instead of focusing only on the project portfolio status​.

Qlorem built the live-solutioning approach on the following five keys to unlock success of your digital transformation journey:

1. Let history guide you

Part of the evolution of your value chains and solutioning towards the next generation is reviewing the history and learn from it. Qlorem allows key personnel involved in solution development: Business & Technical Architects, Subject Matter Experts, Process & Product Managers to view and learn from the value chain evolution history including underlying technology, supplier, and consumers changes. With Qlorem all key stakeholders involved will be able to understand better the scope and solution to deliver with the dependencies both inside a digital transformation initiative and between initiatives. Further, companies will never start solutioning more on a white paper. Qlorem provides you with a live copy of the as-is solution specification from day 1 and allows you to focus more time on requirements changes to the future solution and secure the benefits earlier.

2. Go bottom up and develop a multi-stakeholder orientation

Often Software solution development is oriented on a high-level design, skipping details and there is a rush to development based on time pressure. In many organizations documentation of the old legacy systems are not updated and the as-is solution knowledge is only available in a few persons head. Qlorem begins by identifying all the requirement changes mapped to value chains, technology, supplier, and consumer, and then systematically detail how to meet the different expectation and secure the value proposition. In addition, Qlorem holds the solution design continuously updated in a repository available and directly in sync with the actual software development during the whole digital transformation journey.

3. Don’t go alone

To solve the challenge of a digital transformation initiative you need to assemble a highly experienced team with sufficient allocation of business & IT-personnel, both from internal organization and from partners. Proper allocation of resources is a key success factor, since many organizations tends to spread their resources too thin in too many initiatives which are doomed to fail. Bring in both the right competency and capacity to deliver the scope, but also experienced personnel which knows how to manage the complexity in a digital transformation program. Qlorem provides the program mgmt. team with the possibility to identify resources along your value chains and helps to involve the right suppliers and consumers. Qlorem also provides overview of resource bottlenecks, development teams with low productivity and / or quality, so proper actions can be taken early by mgmt. to stay on schedule and within budget.

4. Understand the multi-dimensions of the transformation

Most organizations struggle to represent, prioritize, guide, and monitor digital transformation initiatives and underlying business operational scenarios. Because of the many interdependencies of operations, processes, and systems, scaling digital transformation initiatives is extremely difficult and complex. Consequently, many initiatives keep failing. Qlorem provides mgmt. with a transformation cockpit with dashboards which uses artificial intelligence to show value creation, quality, and behavior insights.

5. Identify the benefits as outcomes and question the outcome

Every outcome of a Requirement change must benefit the stakeholders. If there is no benefit, then you need to reengineer the how. Qlorem provides you with simple ways to document the benefits from a multiple-level perspective and helps early to align the benefit expectations and identify if you will deliver the benefits of a Requirement change. Qlorem has functionality for managing formal approval of the requirement changes to the live solution, but also for securing compliance.

Qlorem has created a Digital Transformation readiness assessment and a 100-day implementation plan with global partners which your organization can use to kick start unlocking success in your Digital Transformation Initiative wherever you are. Let’s help you become successful.

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About Qlorem

Qlorem was established in 2021 in Norway with a global footprint in United States and India. Our mission is to help organizations secure quality and value from digital transformation execution. The Qlorem founders have several decades of experience in supporting digital transformation initiatives from a single value chain up to a whole renewal of the core banking ecosystem or Business Support System in Telecom. We have built up a broad understanding of both business and IT capabilities over the years, which are used in development of Qlorem.

For further information, please visit:

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